First Parish Church of Newbury - Newbury 375th Anniversary Celebration

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First Parish Church Celebrates Newbury's 375th Anniversary

Love and War

On Monday, May 31st local area musicians Will Hunt, Joe Cardoza, Renee Dupuis, Janice Fullman, and Ira Levine will appear on Newbury's Upper Green performing as Love and War.Will Hunt The band will perform classic rock anthems from the Vietnam era with an emphasis on the soldiers' perspective as much as protest/counterculture expression. The band will cover songs by Jimi Hendrix, Steve Earle, Jefferson Airplane, Warren Zevon, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. The band is scheduled to hit the Newbury Upper Green at 11:00 AM.

The band's members are North Shore area musicians from Gloucester and Rockport. Boston area rocker Will Hunt will play guitar and vocals. Gloucester photographer Janice Fullman will perform on keyboards and vocals. Drummer Ira Levine of the Fundamentals will be present. Gloucester area musicians Joe Cardoza and Renee Dupuis will be lending their talents as well. Joe will play bass while Renee will be on keys and vocals.

William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps

FPCN is proud to welcome the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps to our Memorial Day weekend reeanctment event. Drummers of the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps These young performers use both 6 hole wooden fife and rope tension drum to bring the classic colonial New England sound to events in Massachusetts and Connecticut. As the band functions as a military corps the musicians wear uniforms historically consistent with the Revolutionary War period. They will march in the parade Saturday morning to Opening Ceremonies and take part in the Revolutionary War memorial ceremony.

"Formed on October 22, 2002 in Lexington, the William Diamond Juniors consist of boys and girls ranging from ages eight to eighteen.Flutes of the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps We are a teaching corps, and our members receive a quality music education and an understanding of our great American tradition through the music. Several members of the local fife and drum and colonial militia community provide instruction. Parental involvement is a crucial component of our corps, as we function as a family organization. The William Diamond Juniors have petitioned for and have been granted membership in the Company of Fifers and Drummers, both as individual and corps members." - Credit: William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps

Tea with President and Mrs. Lincoln

Enjoy afternoon tea and stand ready to be inspired and amazed. Since 1991, Phillip Chetwynd and Sally Mummey have presented Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln as a team.President and Mrs. Lincoln seated at a table. They have brought the Civil War’s First Family alive for audiences from Maine to Virginia, from schoolchildren to senior citizens.

This dynamic Presidential couple brings Abraham and Mary to life, shedding light on the many legends surrounding these great American figures.  They discuss personal experience of slavery and the Underground Railroad; illustrate married teamwork in a time where women carried no overt political influence over national events; driven by vast political forces, bemoan the near-impossible administration of a country at war, within and without a Cabinet full of strong personalities vying for the leadership; and touch on other issues that echo in society today.  Always remaining in first-person character, this modern-day pair of historical presenters invariably carries its audience into the realm of the American Civil War.

A year long celebration

Actvities relating to the 375th Anniversary are planned for the whole year. The celebration begins to hit it's full swing starting in May with Founders Day on May 6th at the Newbury Elementary School and First Parish Church's re-enactment weekend. More information on the town's celebration, including a listing of all the year's activities, may be found at

Looking form more history of the town and the First Parish Church? Why not check out our own history page.

Pen and ink drawing of First Parish Church

Memorial Day Weekend Reenactment Schedule

The First Parish Church of Newbury is pleased to present it's schedule of events for Memorial Day Weekend 2010 celebrating Newbury's 375th Anniversary. The weekend long activities feature historical reenactors from a variety of periods who will be on hand to educate and display for the public. All events will be held rain or shine!

Note: Events will happen at the Church, on the Upper Green,and in the Old Burying Ground which are all within walking distance from the First Parish Church.

Saturday, May 29th: The Revolutionary War Era

Sunday, May 30th: The Civil War Era

Monday, May 31st: WW1 to Present