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Our Church’s Wider Mission Is:

…Sunday School lessons for kids…. Irrigation pipes in the desert…. Military chaplains in Iraq…. A welcoming approach to the Gospel…. Volunteers reading to the blind…. New ways to worship…. Refugees coming home to their new country…. Christians who take the Bible seriously but not literally.

The United Church of Christ is a strong religious presence in countless communities across the country-thanks above all to faithful people, gifted leaders, and to the quiet steady support of Our Church's Wider Mission. Our Church's Wider Mission is helping right now to bring the United Church of Christ message to more and more people.

Each UCC congregation decides how much of its members' financial support the congregation will contribute to Our Church's Wider Mission for the funding of Conference and national ministries. In turn, each Conference, the regional setting of the church, decides how much of its congregations' financial support it will contribute to Our Church's Wider Mission for the funding of national ministries.


UCC News

Now's the Time to Shine!

The UCC is 50 years bold and it’s time to shine!

Join other UCC congregations in exploring five historic commitments of the UCC: united and uniting, multiracial and multicultural, accessible to all, open and affirming, and a peace with justice church. The guide offers a chapter for each of the five commitments.

Check out the latest information on how Shine has been used throughout the UCC. Discover about other churches, our 50th anniversary General Synod, and future plans. See the Shine Summary at the UCC national site for more detailed information.

Watch UCC produced videos from YouTube relating to our church's message: